Even though Halloween has become synonymous with murder and shock over the years, do not expect to be terrified at Ledge View Nature Center’s Halloween Candlelight Cave Tours event.

There will be no large black spiders under the edge of the toilet paper roll in the restrooms... No decaying zombies or axe-wielding freaks reaching out between the trees in the night... In short, though Icky Bod may play up the surprise factor a little, the staff and volunteers will not do anything to scare visitors. But they cannot help it if you might find the walk through the dark woods and caves a little spooky.

Halloween Candlelight Cave Tours takes place Friday and Saturday, Oct. 18 and 19. The annual fundraiser is intended to be a family-oriented, educational event. Visitors will meet some unusual personalities with strange stories on their guided walk down to and through the caves. 

(Please see the October 03  issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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