As an independent health insurance agent, Kate Suttner strives to find just the right products that fit the insurance needs of her clients.
Suttner owns Health Insurance Solutions and Benefits in Chilton and offers health insurance solutions and benefits including full service Medicare and Individual and group medical health insurance options. “We are certified agents in Medicare and Marketplace/Affordable Care Act Exchange and we are able to consult and sell products that fit the needs of anyone looking for Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Individual polices with tax-credit subsidies (Marketplace),” Suttner explained.
“Currently, I am appointed with all major Medicare and major medical insurance companies including Anthem, AARP United Healthcare, Network Health, Security Health, Humana, WPS, Arise Health, Cigna, Common Ground and Molina,” she added.
Licensed for nine years, Suttner is also appointed with Delta Dental, Medi-Share (Christian Sharing) and National General for all ancillary insurance products ranging from dental, vision, short-term medical, cancer, accident and more.

Helping people understand products
In April of 2018, Suttner opened the agency located on Main Street in Chilton and said her goal is to help people understand their health insurance products, and to find the product that fits their health needs, income and personality. “Often times people do not know what they have and we work with them to understand their coverage,” Suttner said. “There is no silly question in my opinion. Every question lends an answer and empowers them to utilize their policy to the maximum that is offered. Many policies offer additional benefits that they may not be aware of that can help improve their health.” The agency accepts Medicare and Marketplace enrollments year round.
With a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and Nutritional Science, Suttner has worked in the healthcare industry since the early 1990’s in both research and development, quality control at Abbott Labs and pharmaceutical sales for Johnson and Johnson. “After pharmaceutical sales, I worked for the Wisconsin Medical Society in Madison and was introduced to the full spectrum of insurance products. From there I transitioned to only health insurance when the Affordable Care Act was passed on March 23, 2010 and fully implemented in 2014,” she said.
According to Suttner health insurance has become extremely complicated and highly regulated which forced many agents out of the field. “When Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) was introduced, the mandates in both individual health and group health insurance fueled a need to have skilled and experienced agents to help small businesses and individuals navigate, enroll and find a product that is affordable to fit their health insurance needs,” she explained.
Suttner said it’s important for clients to understand what health insurance options there are after retirement when they no longer have group health insurance coverage, but yet are not Medicare eligible. “I now help many financial advisors from Appleton, Green Bay, Manitowoc, Sheboygan and Fond du lac to assist in helping their clients transition from the working world to retirement world. It’s very rewarding to see these retirees walk out knowing they have affordable health insurance options.”

Government regulation challenging
Suttner said government regulation is very challenging and ever changing. “Every year we have changes that we must know so we can pass them along to our clients to ensure there are no penalties or cancelled policies for late enrollment.” Suttner said the proper forms and applications need to be completed by specific deadlines.
“For Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage products, there are dozens of plans offered right in our area,” Suttner explained. “Many clients walk in and do not know their coverage, networks of doctors and hospitals. Some people do not know there are other products from other companies.”
Suttner said several companies often offer plans for individual health plans depending on where the client lives. “These plans can be extremely affordable or not affordable at all depending if you are eligible for a subsidy. People call with COBRA questions and questions with their group insurance. We try to help everyone, even if they are not our client.”
Suttner enjoys helping clients to understand there are affordable options and solutions for health insurance at any point in time of their life. “I focus on the policy and money saved based on the what meets the needs for the client. Many are paying too much and not understanding their coverage,” she said. “It seems most of our clients leave with an understanding of their products and the process of how we got there.”
Several stories come to Suttner’s mind of how clients can be helped just by understanding their health insurance, including a couple who recently came to the agency. “Both were enrolled in separate Medicare plans,” Suttner said. “We were able to get them a refund of more than $21,000.”

Many options available
“There are many Medicare options and we are able to get into the best plans for you through out the year based on current health needs.”
Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 is one of the biggest times of the year for Suttner’s agency as it is the annual enrollment period. “Everyone should check once a year during the annual enrollment period for the best plan based on their needs.”
Suttner works hand in hand at the agency with Sue Herrmann, and said the two will be offering educational events this summer and fall. “Watch for the details on our message board or go to for future event information.”
Herrmann, also an independent agent, said the agency works to support clients new to any health insurance needs as well as those looking for a potential change. “It is our goal to aid everyone in understanding their health insurance options and to ensure they have the best plan possible in place today to cover their current health needs,” she said.
With a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance, Herrmann originally spent 26 years working in the finance/treasury group at Plexus Corporation, which involved overseeing the annual business risk insurance renewal and working closely with the broker. Ready for a change, Herrmann said it is personally rewarding to find a position that allows her to help others. “Each and everyone is unique with a story that deserves a happy ending,” she said. “Listening, providing accurate information and seeing the pieces come together for each individual puts a smile on our faces. Serving others is such a reward.”

Empowering clients
“Every person has their own health related needs and it is nice to help people realize there are many options out there if they find an agency that focuses on health insurance only,” Suttner said. “This is a specialized field to navigate. Many clients come in confused and want to give up on trying to understand new products, new requirements. We take the mystery out of the unknowns in health insurance and empower the client with products that fit their own needs, personality and income.”
“We are excited to meet you,” Herrmann said. “Please stop by our office during business hours with any general health insurance questions you may have. We are here to answer your questions or to research the answer for you.”

Health Insurance Solutions and Benefits is located at 52 W. Main Street in Chilton and can be reached by calling (920) 418-5483 or by emailing Suttner at and Herrmann at More information can be found by visiting