The Kiel School District is seeking help today—Thursday, Oct. 31—starting at 3:30 p.m. to clear snow from its athletic complex in advance of tomorrow’s football game.
District Administrator Brad Ebert said, “We currently have five-plus inches of snow on our field and with the snow being so wet and heavy, our equipment is having a difficult time moving it. Our only option is to ask for your help in shoveling the turf field and clearing the bleachers in preparation for Friday night’s game.
“Because of the dropping temperatures, this needs to be done tonight so that the snow does not turn to ice and create an unsafe surface for our students. We are seeking any help that can be provided by our community. At 3:30 today (Oct. 31) we will begin shoveling the field and will work until it is complete.
“If you can join us, please bring plastic shovels. Even if you cannot join us to shovel, but have plastic shovels that we could use, please bring them to the athletic complex by 3:30 p.m.
“We would greatly appreciate any and all help, which includes students and adults,” Ebert said.