Pam Kachelmeier is the founder and president of the Equine Assisted Coaching Association and creator of Meaningful Life, LLC in Kiel.
Pam Kachelmeier is the founder and president of the Equine Assisted Coaching Association and creator of Meaningful Life, LLC in Kiel.
Pam Kachelmeier is the founder and president of the Equine Assisted Coaching Association and creator of Meaningful Life, LLC in the rural Kiel area.
Kachelmeier utilizes horses in a special way in her work as a business and life coach, as well as a professional counselor. She works to certify and train coaches, counselors, healers, therapists, equestrians, and interested persons in learning how to partner with horses to create transformations for their clients.
After spending nearly 20 years in the corporate world, Kachelmeier found herself spinning wheels, unhappy in her daily grind.
She said, "I left the corporate world after 20 years to fulfill my calling of helping people through partnering with horses. Horses are master teachers and provide accelerated results in helping people move through their stuck points so they can live with more comfort and inner peace, remembering who they are and what they want out of life. Despite being successful in my past career, I was climbing the wrong mountain. I felt the restless gravity pulling on me. I was feeling unfulfilled and burned out, stuck on a ledge in my life, which I believe is how many others feel today."
Although she was successful in her work in the corporate world, Kachelmeier had a growing need to find a more meaningful and rich-filled life.
She started her businesses and developed non-traditional programs where she partners with and without horses as an effective and enjoyable approach to helping clients from all walks of life move through their blocks to reach inner peace and freedom.
As a result, Kachelmeier has found her niche in life, which is working with and empowering women, single women, home based women who are raising families, and women who are considering leaving the corporate world like she had done.

The equine process
When people come to her ranch, Kachelmeier's process begins with a lot of dialog in a comfortable atmosphere, often in a 60-foot-wide tipi located on her property.
The tipi is a unique setting and experience which Kachelmeier says can be very useful in creating a tone for a person's transformation.
After some relaxing conversations, clients are introduced to Kachelmeier's group of horses. Clients are asked to spend time connecting and developing a bond with just one horse which they will continue working with through the process.
Once a person makes the connection with a horse, they are invited to a round pen, which is a safe container where people can interact with the horse at ground level. There is no riding involved.
In the round pen, Kachelmeier coaches clients through a self-discovery process which uncovers deep layers of hidden stories, limiting beliefs, certain mindsets, and information.
"What is so unique about horses is they don't care about a client's history," Kachelmeier said. "They don't judge and look at the stories and what may be holding people back. They have no agenda nor need for control. Rather, they mirror, respond to, and reflect the client's internal information that is exhibited subconsciously through their body language and energy from the present. This is very powerful, as it is information that is brought to the awareness for exploring, processing, and reflection.
Kachelmeier spends time asking questions and guiding clients through parts of the process, but also utilizes silent breaks for personal discovery and reflection.
She says her greatest mission is to help people reconnect with who they really are and have their strengths become visible. When this happens they feel good about themselves and can become productive members of society.
Kachelmeier believes that when people put a lot of trust in finding help and answers for their problems, the rewards of personal development can be bountiful.
"I love working with people," she said. "When I am able to give, I receive as well."

Helping find fulfillment
Kachelmeier knows that her work can be beneficial to both individuals and teams, as well as businesses who are looking to improve their company culture.
"The corporate world has to be more personal," she said. "We are seeing a positive shift in the right direction."
Kachelmeier's work is to help people find fulfillment in their lives and their careers.
"There are people who are really hurting and there's no reason we can't help them find happiness in life," she said.
Working with horses in a new environment provides people an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and do something different.
"Sometimes we have to take risks," she said. "As scary as that is, we must."

Upcoming training
Kachelmeier is about to begin upcoming training, beginning on May 12.
Her ranch is located at 17412 W. Washington Road, Kiel, and she can be reached at 920-980-5326.
For more information, visit her websites at and