Let’s hope the weather breaks soon. The deer and turkeys are starting to feel the effects of this winter. I was watching turkeys, they weren’t scratching like they normally do, they are walking through the brush and picking off all the buds they can find.
And down in the swamp the deer are browsing on everything. Burdocks are chewed off to the ground. It almost looks like you took a weed whacker to the brush.
The bald eagles started nesting this week and the great horned owls started hatching. Lloyd and I took a road trip on Monday. I wanted to check a nest on BK Line Road near Luxemburg. Sure enough, it was home to a great horned owl, nest #19.
Nothing new at Kewaunee Harbor. Checked on a couple of nests along the lakeshore, couldn’t find anybody home. At Manitowoc we found the peregrine falcon, still with no mate.

(Please see the March 14 issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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