Where did the summer go? I ask myself this every year, and I haven’t thought of a good answer yet. By the way, it’s perfectly alright to talk to yourself. It’s even OK to answer yourself. Just don’t find yourself saying, “Huh?” to yourself...that’s a worrisome sign.
Speaking of summer’s end and signs, the markers of impending autumn are impossible to miss in mid-September. Many of the garden plants are on their last legs, er—stems. When picking green beans lately, sometimes I get a whole branch, instead of a single bean pod. Oops! The plants won’t last long at this rate.
Our tomato plants resemble a tossed salad, ever since the storm went through New Holstein a couple weeks ago. They are still alive, but several are sprawled untidily on the ground.

(Please see the Sept. 13 issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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