As we approach the upcoming school year, it’s a good time to reflect on the impact coaches have in the lives of kids.
With a few sports teams already practicing, kids involved in sports are spending more of their summer days preparing for the upcoming seasons with fellow athletes and coaching staffs.
The dedication it takes to be a coach can be daunting, and as a former coach of 12 years, I can tell you that for some sports teams there literally is no “off season” for the coach.
Hours and hours of planning, research, ordering supplies, paperwork, scheduling and more goes into the upcoming season, and the reality is that most coaches are volunteer or paid a very scant amount that does not come close to compensating the work, time and energy that goes into coaching a team.
But that’s not why coaches coach. They coach to make a difference in kids’ lives. They coach to see a shy kid come out of their shell and excel, blossoming into a confident and accomplished young person. They coach because sometimes if they don’t, there wouldn’t be a team and an opportunity for kids to participate. They coach because they love to see the kids performing what they have practiced. There are a literal plethora of reasons why coaches do what they do, and it all comes down to the kids.

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