Welcome to the start of the 2018 – 19 school year! Our dedicated staff members have been working very hard every day to provide the most favorable learning atmosphere for all our students. Stockbridge is a very special place and we are all honored to be educators in such a great district.
I would like to share with everyone some of the fantastic happenings that have been occurring in our district recently. First of all, we are finishing up about $600,000 in Energy Efficiency projects that were started last spring. Last school year, the School Board approved a resolution to fund a Revenue Limit Exemption for Energy Efficiency projects not to exceed $600,000. Back in 2015, the School Board passed a 1 million dollar Revenue Limit Exemption for Energy Efficiency projects. However, not all the projects were completed in 2015 so that is why a new exemption was approved last school year. The following is a list of many of the projects that were part of the $600,000 in Energy Efficiency projects:
— State of the art 65 inch interactive touch-screen display StarBoards in every classroom.
— W & L Insulation & Roofing, Inc. added insulation and replaced the remaining roof sections that were not completed in 2015.
— Tri City Glass & Door replaced many outdated windows and doors.
— US Lamp upgraded all of our indoor and outdoor lights to LED and replaced our entire emergency lighting system.
— Central Temperature upgraded all our remaining furnaces to new, high efficiency units.
— Quality Control Services, Inc. connected our entire heating and cooling system to Direct Digital Controls.
— B&B Quality Building Restoration of Wisconsin did tuck pointing and re-caulking of windows around the outside of the entire building.
— Many plumbing projects were completed by August Winter & Sons including new hot water heaters, automatic urinal and toilet flush valves, and replacement of other plumbing fixtures.
I am also very happy to announce the district applied for and was awarded over $75,000 recently in 2 rounds of school safety grant money from the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The district was awarded $63,879 in July for the first round of school safety grants. The following is a list of improvements the first round of grant money will be used for:
— 3M security film will be installed on qualifying exterior glass doors and adjacent sidelights at all entrances.
— 2 days of non-violent crisis intervention training for staff members.
— New interior and exterior classroom window signage.
— Open door alarm sensors will be installed on every exit door and wired to the central office so they can be monitored remotely.
— 12 additional cameras and system upgrades.
— Many door security hardware upgrades including new electric strikes, alignment security locking rods, and door locks with push-button locking devices able to lock doors from inside the classroom.
The District was also preliminarily approved for almost $12,000 in the second round of school safety grant money in late August. The second round of school safety grant money had very strict requirements involving student mental health. Most of the second round of school safety grant money will be used to participate in the Allies in Mental Health Education (AMHE) Cohort by creating a six member staff team. The team training and development support will be contracted from Cooperative Educational Service Agency 6. The AMHE Cohort training will be very intensive over multiple years designed to grow existing knowledge and systems to better support students’ overall mental wellness.
Lastly, the District will be replacing the small gym floor this fall. As many of you know, the small gym floor has deteriorated rapidly the last few years and was in need of replacement. Stalker Sports Floors will be installing an Aacer Scissor-Loc floor system with PowerVent Airflow. The system can detect moisture and start drying the floor system with mechanical airflow. The project is tentatively scheduled to begin in early October and be completed by mid-November.
I look forward to continuing our successful start to the school year. As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Yours in Education,

Chad Marx
Stockbridge School District