Next Tuesday (Nov. 6) is election day throughout the nation and area voters are encouraged to go to the polls as it will be an important and interesting day both locally and beyond.
Commonly called the mid-term elections because they mark the halfway point of the president’s four-year term, to some degree this election is a poll to gauge the job performance of the person sitting in the White House. That may or may not be fair to congressmen and senators running for office in Wisconsin and other states, but that is the way it is.
There certainly should be huge turnout numbers in the Kiel School District which will be voting on separate multi-million dollar referendums to build a new performing arts center at Kiel High School and to construct a new outdoor athletic field and track. The proposals have received a lot of ink over the last few months including people voicing their opinions for and against. That is the democratic process at work, and next Tuesday the decision will be in the hands of the electorate.
The $100,000 being asked for by the City of New Holstein to exceed its state-imposed tax levy limit pales in comparison to the figure being voted on by Kiel School District residents, yet it has generated a fair amount of public comment in recent weeks which should equate to strong turnouts next Tuesday as well.
All voters in the Tri-County News area will be helping to decide other contested races as well. Depending on where a person lives, that could be Glenn Grothman vs. Dan Kohl in the 6th Congressional District, Mike Gallagher vs. Beau Liegeois in the 8th Congressional, Caleb Frostman vs. André Jacque in the 1st Senate, Devin Lemahieu vs. Kyle Whelton in the 9th Senate, Ron Tusler vs. Scott Gavin in the 3rd Assembly, Paul Tittl vs. Jennifer Estrada in the 25th Assembly, Tyler Vorpagel vs. Nanette Bulebosh in the 27th Assembly, Jeremy Thiesfeldt vs. Kevin Booth in the 52nd Assembly, and Cory Roeseler vs. Philip Schaefer for Sheboygan County sheriff. All of these candidates were sent information forms by the Tri-County News, and those which were returned are printed in this week’s News.
Get out to vote next Tuesday.
—Mark Sherry