Now that people are at the peak of their holiday spirit, it seems like an appropriate time to remind everyone that their local community fund drives are a great way to spread some holiday cheer.
They are called different things depending on the community—United Fund, United Way, Community Chest, etc.—but they all do the same thing. In local communities like Chilton, New Holstein, and Kiel, these are volunteer organizations which work to raise funds for other volunteer organizations which, in turn, help their respective communities.
In other words, each year these groups of local citizens get together and say, “How can we raise some money to help out the Scouts, Red Cross, Salvation Army, youth sports programs, New Hope Center, libraries, etc.?”
One of the great benefits of a successful community fund drive is that it significantly reduces the number of separate fundraisers and fund requests these organizations have to make. Donors who give once to their community fund drives can say to all the groups which benefit that they have supported their cause.
Most if not all of the local community fund drives recently had envelopes and flyers distributed in the Tempo. If people still have those envelopes around, put something in them and send them on to their respective destination. The envelope is not the only way to give, however, as a number of local financial institutions serve as collection points for community drive donations.
Each local community has a “thermometer board” in a strategic location tracking the progress of these drives. Help drive the “mercury” to the top of those boards.
Christmas is a time to reflect on how much everyone has been given. Help others out in return by giving to local community drives. —Mark Sherry