This editorial was written before the outcomes of Tuesday’s elections were known, but the message is the same no matter whom was elected sheriff of Calumet County—assure residents that the Sheriff’s Department and local police departments are on the same page when it comes to protecting and serving the county.
Years of observation would seem to indicate that is the case. While no individual and no system is perfect, time and again residents of Calumet County have experienced or observed county and municipal law enforcement officers working together at the scene of incidents or on investigations.
That is the way it has to be in a relatively rural county such as Calumet. Communities are small and spread out, and law enforcement’s presence is often spread thin as well. While Calumet County residents generally feel safe, bad things can and do happen here. Residents are best served when both county and municipal officers of the law are working as a cohesive unit, even though they are separate entities.
In the heat of any contested election, things are said and relationships can be strained. But now the election is over, and it is time to move forward. If improvements need to or can be made in areas such as cooperation and communication, get to work on those. The residents of Calumet County have seen that spirit of cooperation in the past, and they need to know that it will be even better going forward. —Mark Sherry