Every day, week, and month of the year has a cause attached to it, but this issue of the Tri-County News comes out in the middle of two special weeks.
One of those is Fire Prevention Week which is observed throughout the nation. It is a week of obvious importance as it is good to get a regular reminder on the potential dangers of fire.
While gains have been made over the years in the use of fire retardant materials and other measures to keep people safe from fires and combustible equipment, firefighters will be the first to point out that certain aspects of home construction these days make their job even more challenging.
Speaking of firefighters, local volunteers are featured again this year in the annual Guardians section published along with this week’s Tri-County News. Kudos to the many men and women who volunteer their time and talents and put their own welfare at risk to protect everyone else.
The Guardians section offers a nice tie-in to the other special week being observed this week—National Newspaper Week.
Times have changed for newspapers—but for what industry have they not changed? What has not changed is the importance of information to a free society. That cannot and must not ever change. The format in which that information is delivered has and may continue to change along with technological advancements, but there always will be a need for respected, reliable sources of news.
Along those lines, the news business has never been busier than it is right now for the Tri-County News. Every week dozens of people e-mail, bring in, or send in news items and photographs they want published in the Tri-County News because they know it remains the leader in the dissemination of information in this area.
No, not everyone subscribes to or reads the newspaper—but the people who do tend to be the ones who care about their communities. It is a sad fact that not everyone cares to be informed or involved, as witnessed by election turnouts of 15 to 20 percent. Similarly, not everyone uses Facebook or the myriad of other social media outlets. Local newspapers continue to be a key part of the heartbeat of America.
—Mark Sherry