This week I want to hand over the column to someone I consider a friend, and not just a patient.
I asked Jill K. to talk a bit about her experiences at our office and want to share them with you:
I was introduced to chiropractic care in the late ‘90s by my husband (boyfriend at the time) who had started receiving care due to ongoing back and neck pain for which there was no, or only temporary, relief from injections/medications. Regular adjustments seemed to give him the most relief, and still do today.
In 2005 my husband, son, and I had moved from Sheboygan to Kiel. Wanting to continue chiropractic care, we kept our eyes open and saw the sign for Schleicher Chiropractic, whose office we made an appointment at. Fast forward the clock, 14 years, and we are still going to the same building, however, now under the care of Dr. Nic (and my son is now 16!). All three of us, as well as my 13-year-old daughter (natural pregnancy!) are patients of Dr. Nic.
There are many reasons why I, personally, continue to see Dr Nic:
1) staff: they are very friendly, and personable yet professional at the same time. They do the best they can to accommodate their patients in scheduling appointments, even at a last minute’s notice, as well as no notice at all. There have been times when I don’t even have an appointment, but am in the area and just stop in, and/or I’ll call and tell them I’m going to be in the area in 15 minutes, and, if doable, they fit me in their schedule!
2) adjustments: when I leave, I have relief, I don’t feel so tight. The best part is, there is no pain; in fact, the adjustments feel good.
3) Dr. Nic, himself: Even though I’ve been told a person doesn’t have to hear anything “pop or crack” to have been adjusted, it’s important to me to hear the adjustment. Taking this into consideration, Dr. Nic will change the technique he uses so that I feel and hear the adjustment. And, doesn’t hurt! Dr. Nic uses several different techniques and is very accommodating, making sure the best technique is used and personalized to each individual. Dr. Nic treats each patient as an individual, with his goal being to meet their individual needs. Not only that, his positive, upbeat demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with
4) additional services—Having quality supplements, vitamins, etc. right at the office is very convenient, not to mention Dr. Nic’s knowledge of them. Just a side note, at one of my recent visits, having the feeling that I may have an ear infection, I asked Dr. Nic if he had an otoscope, and, if so, in order to save me a doctor’s visit, would be willing to check my ears, and he did.
5) education—There is much to be learned from Dr Nic regarding health, nutrition, exercise, etc. as he is glad to share the knowledge he gains as he continues to educate himself.

Dr. Nic here again. My favorite part of my job is that last point—education. In fact, I was planning another health class, focusing on Nutrition. It will be on Tuesday, April 2, space is limited, and it will fill up. Call our office at 894-2399 and ask for details if you’re interested.

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