Perhaps you’ve driven past our office on Calumet Avenue and noticed that new sign up front (that keeps getting blown over by these storms we’ve had roll through!) celebrating “Ten Years in Business at Giebler Chiropractic.”
I still can’t believe it’s been 10 years already...but I’m coming to realize that each year, each month, each day, seems to pass more quickly than the last. It got me to thinking about what was going on 10 years ago....
In 2008, I was preparing to run my first-ever 50 mile run. It was the Fall 50. I managed to crawl my way to the finish line in barely under eight hours. At the time, I was still working with Dr. Mike Schleicher here in town, and the following Monday I had to leave work early due to overwhelming pain in my legs and my mouth, of all places. I ended up seeing a dentist, then and ENT medical doctor, and then an endodontist...who finally figured out that the pain I was experiencing in my mouth was from a strained soft palate muscle. You see, that run was in some cold and windy weather, and all the breathing actually strained a throat and mouth muscle. That was a new one.
In 2008, often my Friday nights would include so much “fun” that my Saturday mornings were a mix of sleeping in and then maybe some sluggish miles of running. Those Friday nights and Saturday mornings have been replaced with early bedtimes and early mornings...mornings that lead to early breakfasts and then it’s off to soccer games with Edwin and Estelle. 2008 for the Gieblers was still in the B. C. years...“Before Children.” Now with Edwin, Estelle, and Emerin, life is busier but a heck of a lot more fun and interesting!
In 2008, alongside Dr. Schleicher and myself at the office was only one other part-time employee—Kim Olson. Upon the purchase of the office (which happened on Dec. 31, 2008) by Ellie and myself, Kim became the first employee of the newly formed Giebler Chiropractic. She started off as a part-time employee...and her abilities and work ethic quickly gained her trust and responsibility within our office. Not only did Kim’s employee duties grow all the way to office manager, our friendship grew exponentially as well. Kim has mentored me in many aspects of life, of parenting, and in work. She is a truly special human being. Unfortunately for me, Kim has not been at our office as an employee in a while. She continues to recieve care at our office along with her other treatments as she battles both cancer and Lyme Disease. It isn’t fun, to say the least, to see her struggling with pain and fatigue, yet she continues to inspire and teach me lessons about taking things one day at a time and trusting in God above all.
On Saturday, I’ll be running the Door County Fall 50 once again. It looks like the weather may be similar to—if not worse than—the weather of my first Fall 50 back in 2008. Current forecasts show a 50 percent chance of rain and snow, with 20 to 30 mph winds. I am running this event as a fundraiser for my friend Kim and her family and I’m certain I’ll finish...and I’m almost certain that I’ll not only finish, but with a smile on my face as well. If you’d like to support the effort and support the Olson family along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 894-2399, or stop in at 730 Calumet Ave.! I’ll try to have the 10 Year Anniversary sign upright once again!

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