Recently at our office, Erin Klauck as begun to offer “Ion Cleanses”. While I was very skeptical of the idea, having had several of the cleanses, I can attest to positive changes I saw in my own body. First and foremost, as someone who runs a lot and spends a lot of his work day on his feet, my feet are often sore and kind of ‘beat up.’ One immediate change I noted personal was how “light” my feet felt after the cleanse. It truly was a treat to feel refreshed feet!
In addition to that, I definitely noticed some changes in the 24-48 hours after the cleanse. As Erin explains, the Ion Cleanse works to free up toxins and radicals in your body, so that your body can more easily filter them out and eliminate them. My personal experience was that I was getting rid of a lot of toxins via my kidneys, liver, and digestive tract over the next day or two. I thoroughly enjoyed the cleanses and, quite honestly, look forward to my next appointment!
I asked Erin to explain a bit more about the process, and she shared the following. Enjoy!
How does It work?
A somewhat simple answer is that the Ion Cleanse machine produces a negative current that feeds into an array, which is placed into a bath of water. The charge works on a cellular level, breaking down the water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Your feet are placed into the tub and the negatively charged energy is allowed to flow through the energy meridians at the bottoms of your feet and is drawn up into the body. (Much like energy flowing through power lines).
Your blood circulates approximately 3 times every minute, and as it circulates, the negative energy causes positively charged wastes and toxins to let go of their healthy partners. Over the next 48 hours, your body collects these free flowing wastes and disposes of them through the use of the liver, kidneys and bowels. This is why it is especially important to drink lots of water during this time, so the toxins will not be allowed to sit in the colon and can be eliminated.
An Ion Cleanse can be very useful in relieving many ailments. Acid wastes involved in fungal and yeast infections, fibromyalgia, gout, arthritis, muscle pains and edema (fluid under the skin) can be helped along in terms of your body’s processes to ‘fight’ these conditions.
Inflammation of the organs can heal up to 10 times faster with the help of an Ion Cleanse program, in conjunction with changing eating habits and the use of whole vitamins and herbs. During cancer treatment you can help your body detox from chemo and free radicals that have accumulated in your body.
When your body is freed from loads of toxins, your immune system is given the ability to go out and “fight the bad guys”and really do its job the way it was intended to. If you are bound with piles of trash laying everywhere, your immune system will eventually have no time or energy left to do normal healing and keeping the body in-check.
To learn more or schedule an appointment, feel free to contact our office at 894-2399. Comments and questions are always welcome!