While the holiday season is often considered to begin with Thanksgiving, I prefer to think that the festivities kick off on opening weekend of deer hunting!
Personally, this opening weekend was an extra special one as I started it off on Friday night with a date with my 7-year-old Estelle. We had dinner and then caught a Christmas show...her smile made it all the better!
Saturday morning was not spent in the woods, but instead in the gym, coaching 9-year-old Edwin at his basketball games in Chilton. After two games, the team was 2-0 and every member of the team had scored at least once. It’s wonderful, as a father and coach, to see the team work together so well!
My parents were then kind enough to move up Thanksgiving dinner (originally scheduled for around 4 or 5 on Saturday) to a Thanksgiving lunch. This allowed me to get on the road and head north to Pembine to “The Cabin” for Saturday evening and Sunday hunting. The only problem with this plan was the “food coma” I experienced while driving up there...worth it for that extra helping of gravy, though.
Two years ago I was lucky enough to get a (giant!) spike buck up at The Cabin. Things have since then returned to normal, and nobody saw anything. In my hasty packing for the trip, I even forgot a chair. Because of this I had to sit on a cooler while out behind my deer blind, which meant I couldn’t even take a nap out there! I will not make that mistake again.
Sunday afternoon I was home in time to help with some Christmas lights and be in bed early, as a cold and gray Monday morning was right around the corner. A hectic week of work last week culminated with the 25th Annual Sleigh Bell Run on Dec. 7. It was great to see so many familiar faces out there and thankful for all the help and support of the community. Thank you!
Finally, yesterday the kids and my mother and I attended a musical (“Frozen JR”) in Manitowoc. Before heading up there we grabbed some food. The lunch meal took a bit longer than usual, and in my haste to get out of the parking lot, I took about three straight wrong turns before finally finding my way on to the correct highway to Manitowoc. I kind of mumbled under my breath, “That was the absolute worst way to leave that restaurant and head to Manitowoc.”
My mom heard me and replied, “Nic...there’s probably a good reason you went this way. Who knows what might have happened had we gone the ‘faster’ route.”
She’s totally right. As a friend of mine likes to say, “I can’t see around corners, but my God can.” And that’s the true reason for this season. Little reminders like that are what really matter.
Now, as I finish up this article on Monday morning, it’s another rainy dreary Monday. I do not care for this weather at all. Here’s to a busy schedule here at the office, and a wonderful Christmas season yet to come!
I’m so thankful for the reminders to notice all the little things, like that moment with my mom. Hopefully this story helps you to notice them as well!