Despite tough economic times in agriculture, local farmers are finding that the key to more productive, profitable, and sustainable farms lies within building healthy soils.

How? By using soil health management practices that include cover crops, diverse rotations, and no-till.
Dan Meyer, owner and operator of Dan Meyer Farms near Kiel, has been using a combination of cover crops and no-till practices on his cropland for years, and is noticing a difference in his soil and crop yields. He said, “Every year I am seeing more and more in my own fields why cover crops and no-till are beneficial. I listen to speakers talk about no-till, cover crops and manure improving soil health. The benefits they’re talking about I see firsthand, right here in Manitowoc County.”
Matt Rataczak, district conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Manitowoc County, also said, “The soil is alive, and we need to treat it as a living organism.

(Please see the March 7 issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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