This week’s old photo comes from Kiel.

In 1896 Ernst Menke purchased Charles Dean’s Harness Shop at 626 Fremont St. Menke sold buggy trimmings along with his harnesses. In 1898 fire destroyed his shop. After the fire he moved to 604 Fremont St., and from 1902 until 1930 he operated his harness shop at 603 Fremont St. As long as the community relied on horses for farming, transportation and delivering mail and ice, wagon makers, blacksmiths and harness makers had thriving businesses. Regarding last week’s old photo, a friend responded regarding the little car saying it is a Pal-Junior manufactured by the Meili Blumberg Company in the 1930s and he has several photos from his dad who worked at M-B but he has never seen one. It is still unknown why it was in the photo.

(Please see the September 5 issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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