After 10 years New Hope Center’s Board of Directors has elected to divest of its seven-bed group home located at 610 S. Main St., Brillion.

Six individuals currently reside at the location and will be relocated to other facilities over the next 90 days.

New Hope Center acquired the program and property through a merger with Roads to Freedom in 2008. Prior to that, Roads to Freedom built and owned the property since 1983.

New Hope will continue to operate a three bed facility on National Avenue that opened in 2014.

New Hope’s CEO Greg Logemann stated a number of factors contributed to the difficult decision, but the primary driver was economic.

“Over 90 percent of the costs of care trickle through the Medicare and Medicaid system, and that system can’t keep up with the economic conditions in this area. The ability to hire and retain qualified caregivers has been bordering on crisis levels for years now and is not expected to get better with a growing demand for elder care. New Hope has had a strong reputation of providing high quality services to the disabled in Calumet County for over 50 years. Maintaining that quality this past seven years required us to financially subsidize the Main Street location at unsustainable levels.”

Logemann went on to say the seven-bed program also challenged New Hope in other ways.

“Different than the general elderly population, our goal is to do more than just care for individuals. Our mission is to create thriving lives that have as much freedom and independence as possible. In the months and years to come we expect the community to see us develop new models of services that do just that.”

Logemann thanked the Brillion Community for its support and generosity. He also thanked the team of individual staff working at the Main Street location. Plans on what will be done with the Main Street property itself have yet to be determined.

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