Kiel High School staff and students welcomed three foreign exchange students this year.
Katia Mazuecos Rivera of Madrid, Spain, is sponsored by the Educational Merit Foundation and joined the Kiel School District on Sept. 1, 2016.
Jisoo Yu of Seoul, South Korea, sponsored by the Council on International Educational Exchange, and Alina Reithofer of Vienna, Austria, sponsored by the STS Foundation, joined the school district on Jan. 23, 2017.
Katia is 16 years old and the daughter of Ana Mazuecos and Santiago Rivera. Her siblings include Patricia and Lucas Rivera.
Katia’s host family while in America is the James and Sheila Draxler family including children Gabrielle, Noah, and Rachel.
Katia enjoys pre-calculus at KHS and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Mineau.
She has been active participating on the dance team, in the school musical, and in track.
Katia said she has enjoyed meeting new people and also attending the KHS prom.
She wishes she could share Spanish food with her American friends and she would like to move back to America in the future.
Jisoo Yu is 17 years old and the daughter of Hyo Sun Ha and Jae Chui Yu. Her sibling is Tae Hee Yu.
She is staying with the host family of Donna and Ron Tipton while in American, along with the Tipton children Tristan, Raanan, Kayin Tipton, and Khakai Kuntapornsiri.
Khakai is a foreign exchange student from Thailand also staying with the Tipton family and attending New Holstein High School.
Jisoo enjoys attending Graphic Design 2, Human Behavior, and Culinary Art classes at KHS.
In addition to participating in the FFA program, Jisoo is also a member of the Art Club and the track team.
When at home in South Korea, Jisoo likes participating in volleyball.
“My favorite experiment is to make new friends,” she said. “I wish others could come here and learn something in U.S. high schools because this is so different.”
Jisoo’s goal in life is to live happy. “I hope to be an environmental researcher,” she added.
Sixteen year old Alina Reithofer is the daughter of Johann Reithofer and has a sister named Hannah.
Her favorite school subject at KHS is the Vet/Small Animal Science class and she enjoys having Mrs. Lusk as a teacher.
She is a member of the FFA and enjoys playing soccer in America. Favorite activities in Austria for Alina include horseback riding, skiing, and snowboarding.
Memorable new experiences for Alina have included trucks, Walmart, typical American life, the large size of American refrigerators, Jerry’s apple pie, prom, and Cheetos.
She would love to share skiing in the Alps with her American friends, and have them experience what it is like to be a foreign exchange student.
Public transportation in Austria, the castles and palaces, Austrian chocolate and more classes in schools are additional experiences she wishes she could share with her American friends.
In the future Alina would like to have a career performing autopsies.