Wrong form used in town of Calumet

Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board (GAB) issued a ruling on Oct. 20 which said Town of Calumet Clerk Mary Casper must rescind a Certificate of Sufficiency which would have allowed a recall election against Town Chairman Michael Endries to proceed.
According to the GAB order, on April 21 Theodore Schrage filed a recall committee registration and intent to circulate a recall petition with Casper. The subject of the recall was Endries, the town chairman. The number of signatures required on the petition was determined to be 162.
On June 19 the petition was offered for filing with Casper, who had provided the petition form to the petitioner. The form provided did not contain a column for the printed name of each signer as required by a state law which just became effective March 29.
On June 27, a challenge to the recall petition was filed by Endries through his attorney, Daniel Kaminsky, based on the use of an improper form.

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