Kiel High School will be getting a new athletic field, a new performing arts center, and additional technical education space.
In Tuesday’s election, School District voters passed two referendum questions on the ballot—one to seek $3.11 million in general obligation bonds to construct the athletic field, and another for $7 million for the performing arts center/technical education space.
“No” votes held a slim margin on both questions at 10 p.m. Tuesday night with only the totals from the city of Kiel and the town of Liberty outstanding. City of Kiel voters had favored a combined referendum this spring, leaving proponents of the projects hopeful that results from city voters would swing the overall totals to “yes” on both questions. That was indeed the case.
With only the town of Liberty outstanding, question #1 has 2,331 “yes” votes and 2,018 “no” votes. Question #2 has 2,388 “yes” votes and 1,949 “no” votes. Liberty will not have enough votes to change the overall decision of the district’s voters.