Left to right Robert Ziegelbauer, Kerry Trask
Left to right Robert Ziegelbauer, Kerry Trask
Candidates for the 27th State Assembly seat are incumbent and Independent candidate Robert Ziegelbauer, 1213 So. 8th St., Manitowoc; Democrat candidate Kerry Trask, PO Box 745, Manitowoc, and Republican candidate Andrew Wisnieswski, 4423 Menasha Ave., Manitowoc.
The Tri County News sent a questionnaire to all three candidates. Trask did not reply to our questionnaire. The information on Trask which appears on these pages is taken from his campaign Web site. Two attempts were made to solicit a reply from Wisnieswski but to no avail. He has no campaign Web site.

Robert Ziegelbauer
Biographical information
Inc. and Independent candidate Bob Ziegelbauer, 59, 1213 South 8th St., Manitowoc.
Unmarried son of James and Irene (Binversie) Ziegelbauer of Manitowoc.
Current Occupation: State Rep. 25th Assembly District; Manitowoc County Executive.
Education and experience: Graduate: Roncalli High School, University of Notre Dame, BBA; University of Pennsylvania, MBA. Small business owner, 1978-2006.
Qualifications -
I'm a native son who has been involved in local government for many years because I care about my hometown and its future. I grew up here and have lived here all my life. I'm committed to doing all I can to help us be successful and prosperaous.
Although I've been involved in the public life of our community for nearly thirty years, I grew up the son and grandson of small business owners and consider myself first and foremost a small businessman, one who has run a local business for most of that time and understands how the real world works.
I have a strong track record of working hard for our community at all levels and a strong Pro Life record.
We desperately need to turn Wisconsin around, to put us back on the path to prosperity and get people back to work. I'm running as an independent because my first priority has always been representing the people here at home, not the special interests, not the party machinery.
The political party system at all levels is broken. Special interests and their money have taken over. My top priority has always been to represent the people of our community, my district, not the partisan special interests based in Madison. I grew up a John Kennedy, Bill Proxmire democrat like so many of us - fiscally conservative, pro-life, pro-growth and pro-public service. I've always been a staunchly independent voice, working hard to do the right thing to represent the people of this community. Lately the party has moved away from us.
The last state budget was an embarrassing litany of job killing tax increases and special interest payoffs. Even many Democrats knew how terrible it was, but didn't have the courage to stand up to the party heavyweights in Madison. Well, I did.
The party machinery has made it clear that they want another "yes man," someone who will blindly go along with every tax increase or expansion of their power without the backbone to stand up for the people of this community. That won't work for me.
Make no mistake. Those "other guys" are ready to raise your taxes again, even higher than they are now. They talk a good game, but can't change their spots.
I won't vote to raise taxes, period! That would only make things worse.
I'm proud of my strong record of standing up for taxpayers and balancing budgets without tax increases. I work hard at it every day, working for you, holding the line against higher taxes and bigger government. Sometimes it's difficult, but it's the right thing to do.
Helping people is extremely important to me. I work very hard every day to provide high customer service, to be accessible, and helpful in responding to your questions or helping solve your problems with government. Call me anytime I can be of assistance. (920-323-7497).
Political experience -
Manitowoc City Council 1981-84, Manitowoc County Board 1982-88, City of Manitowoc Finance Director 1984-89, Wisconsin State Representative 1993 - present, Manitowoc County Executive 2006- present, LTC Board 1987-88, Manitowoc Public Utilities Commission 1990-2000.
Issues -
This year there really is only one issue, the state of our economy. I believe that we need to turn our State around as quickly as possible. We need to get people back to work. To do that we need to change direction, make a commitment to a growing economy and get back on the road to genuine long term prosperity by reducing the massive job killing taxes on business, stopping the special interest payoffs, peeling back regulatory overreach, and pulling back the unaffordable expansion of government programs.
The "BUSINESS climate" is the "JOBS climate". We need to recognize again that the path to prosperity depends on a thriving private sector. It is vitally important that we adopt policies that promote private sector growth because there is no recovery until the jobs come back.
The last session of the Legislature was marked by a massive sell-out to special interests of the people in our communities by the very liberal partisan majority who took power in the previous election. They dramatically expanded government trying to insulate it from the economic pain faced by everyone else, handcuffed the private sector with billions of dollars of new taxes pushing good jobs away from Wisconsin, and paid off countless special interests at the expense of the working people of our state.
I'm proud to be the only candidate in this race who can say that I have a strong pro life voting record.
My approach is open and straightforward based on respect for taxpayers and the people in our society who do the work. The people of this community know what they can expect from me.
I'll keep doing my best for taxpayers, working hard to be accountable and advance the common good of our entire community. I'm very grateful for your support and encouragement, and never take it for granted.
The choice we face couldn't be clearer. Do we turn things around and begin to solve real problems or do we keep going on the narrow road to disaster in Madison.
Other issues -
Customer service is a huge part of my job. I always remember that I work for all of us. My goal is to provide high quality service to taxpayers every day. I work very hard for you every day to be accessible, responsive, and helpful in responding to your questions or helping solve your problems with government. Call me anytime I can be of assistance. (920-323-7497).
The next session of the Legislature will have crucial impact on our future. We have important work to do. I would very much appreciate your support on Nov. 2.

Kerry Trask
Kerry Trask, Democrat candidate for Assembly District 25, PO Box 745, Manitowoc.
The following information was taken from Kerry Trask's campaign Web site.
Biography, principles and values
For almost my entire adult life I have lived in Manitowoc, arriving here in 1972 by way of Minnesota and Canada. For the first few years Manitowoc was the place to which I had moved, but in time, especially after the birth of my children, it became the hometown where I was from.
I was born and raised in Ontario, in the small lake-country town of Orillia, a little east of Lake Huron. My father was a highly skilled wood worker, my mother a stay-at-home mom, there were four of us children, and we were a family of rather modest means. But life was good, we were optimistic about the future, and the 1950s were something of a golden age for the middle class.
After high School, I headed west in to attend college at Hamline University in St. Paul. After graduation I worked for a time on a dairy farm. Eventually I returned to the Twin Cities and entered graduate school at the University of Minnesota. I worked in Student Services, and eventually earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in American History.
After teaching on temporary contracts at the University of Minnesota for two years I was offered a job at what was then known as the University of Wisconsin Center-Manitowoc County (now UW-Manitowoc). It was my dream job-a small campus where I could get to know my students personally, in a small city on one of the Great Lakes, in a program that was part of the highly respected, world-famous University of Wisconsin System. What could have been better than that?
The job and the community proved to be everything I had hoped for. Although there were other professional opportunities along the way I very deliberately and enthusiastically decided to stay here, and during the thirty-six years at UW-Manitowoc I taught thousands of students.
While employed by the UW System I served as chairman of the History Department for all thirteen of the University of Wisconsin Colleges. I was the Interim-dean at UW-Sheboygan in 1996, and for a number of years chaired the UW Colleges' Appeals and Grievances Committee. For most of that time I was a dues-paying member of TAUWP (The Association of University of Wisconsin Professionals) and thereby affiliated with AFT and AFL-CIO, and served as a member of its Academic Rights and Freedom Committee, working to protect the rights and professional interests of the UW System's academic employees.
Throughout my career and during the time I have lived in Manitowoc County I have cared a great deal about public affairs and eagerly engaged in the civic life of the community. I was president of the Manitowoc Public Library Board when we raised the money and built the new library down near the Manitowoc River. I also currently serve on the board of the Rahr-West Art Museum, the board of trustees for Manitowoc-Calumet Counties Federated Library System, as a member of the City of Manitowoc's Board of Ethics, on the board of the Manitowoc Public Library Foundation, and as a member of the advisory board for the Manitowoc Public Schools' McKinley Academy. Throughout the years I have also been a member of the Manitowoc County Historical Society, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, the Wisconsin Historical Society, Common Cause, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and Manitowoc County, Citizens Action of Wisconsin, and the YMCA.
I care deeply about the well-being of the community, the opportunities for our people and our children, the economic prosperity of the Lakeshore region, and the protection and preservation of the Great Lakes and their entire natural environment.
My core values include fairness, freedom, and responsibility. I'm passionately in favor of equality and opposed to special, unearned privilege for anyone or any group, and believe that this ought to be the very best country for ordinary people in the history of the world.