Nic Giebler continues to train to prepare for his upcoming 50-mile races in support of Kim Olson.
Nic Giebler continues to train to prepare for his upcoming 50-mile races in support of Kim Olson.
A special bond between local chiropractor Nic Giebler and his office manager Kim Olson has produced a successful fundraiser, which will prompt Giebler to participate in several 50-mile runs.
Giebler started the fundraising effort to support and raise funds for Olson’s battle with cancer.
“Kim is our office manager,” Giebler said, adding Olson worked at the office when he purchased it ten years ago. “Since the very first day Giebler Chiropractic opened, she was here.”

First diagnosed in 2013
Olson was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2013. She had surgery to remove a lump in her breast and has chosen natural treatments over radiation and chemotherapy. “Things were going great and I had four years of a perfectly normal life, or so I thought,” Olson said.
Last June Olson started experiencing severe pain in the front of her right hip while playing basketball. “Everything pointed to a sports injury,” she said. In September an MRI was performed which showed small lesions in the bones in her hip area. “I knew right away it was cancer.”
Olson immediately contacted the Fox Valley Wellness Center in Fond du Lac and began alternative cancer treatments. A PET scan showed a large amount of cancer in her right femur as well as small spots spread throughout her skeleton. “I treated for three months at Fox Valley and then had another PET scan at the end of December,” she said. “That scan showed that the cancer had continued to grow and spread, so my doctor recommended I go to one of the alternative cancer clinics in Mexico, since they offer more advanced treatments than are available in the United States.”
“Sadly, one literally needs to simply cross the border and get out of the U.S. to access non-toxic cancer therapies that are recognized worldwide,” Olson said.

Researched alternative clinics
Olson researched several alternative cancer clinics in Tijuana and chose the Hope 4 Cancer Institute founded by Dr. Tony Jimenez. “The downside was the cost, which was $45,000 for three weeks of intensive treatment, a take-home protocol and follow up program,” she said, adding while the amount was average for the treatment involved, it was a very daunting amount. “We had already taken out a second mortgage to pay for the treatments I was receiving in Fond du Lac, since health insurance covers very little in the way of alternative treatments, so we didn’t have that financing option any longer.” An additional unsecured loan from a bank wasn’t nearly enough to cover continued treatment.
Olson said many prayers were said and God started to provide beyond anticipation, with prayers and funds donated to the family from family, friends, chiropractic patients and people the family didn’t even know. “A group called Butch’s Army from Chilton held a couple brat fry benefits for us,” she added.
“Dr. Nic came up with the idea to do a fundraiser after I found out that I needed to go to Mexico for further cancer treatments,” she explained. “When Dr. Nic told me about his idea to have people sponsor individual miles for one of his 50-mile trail races to help raise money for Mexico, neither of us was prepared for the overwhelming response it would generate. In a very short time, all 50 miles and then some were sponsored, and people were still signing up, so Dr. Nic added a second 50-mile race to the fund raiser, and that one is well on its way to being filled also.”
“Dr. Nic has always shared with the patients at the office his upcoming races and his finishing results, so his running habit is something that is well known and followed by the patients. On top of that, I have been at Giebler Chiropractic working for Dr. Nic since he opened the business, so I am well known by the patients, and many of them have also been following my cancer journey since it began,” she added.

Like family
Olson said Giebler and his wife Ellie are like family to them, with each loving each other as such. “I have been with them and watched not only the business, but also their family grow over the past years. I think that his idea of combining his running with a fundraiser was genius and I can no longer tease him about his crazy running habit,” she said.
Olson said the fundraiser has been a significant part of what has allowed the family to make the trip to Mexico, and for that they are forever grateful. “My husband Bob and I were at Hope 4 Cancer from Feb. 14 to March 7 of this year. During those three weeks of intensive treatment, I experienced remarkable improvement. For the previous eight and a half months, I had been suffering from severe bone pain in my right leg. After two weeks in Mexico, the pain stopped being an issue. Since returning, I have weaned myself off all pain meds, and I am still completely pain free. I can think of no other reason for the pain to go away other than that the cancer is going away.”
According to Olson, the cancer marker in her blood work dropped 700 points during the three weeks she received treatment in Mexico. “That was the first time that number had gone down since I started treating at Fox Valley last fall, so that was also enormously positive news,” she said.
Olson will return to Mexico in mid-June for a follow up visit. She continues to receive treatment at the Fox Valley Wellness Center on a reduced schedule. “I have several therapies which are part of the take-home protocol from Hope 4 Cancer that I am doing at home,” she added.
Olson is also grateful to the Gieblers for allowing her to have a flexible work schedule during treatments and after. “I am no longer working on a regular basis for a while, so that I can concentrate more fully on healing, but I am staying in the loop at the office by filling in for office staff members Holly and Heather when they need time off.”

A way to help
An avid runner for 14 years, Giebler said the fundraiser run was something he knew he could do to help with expenses for Olson and her family. “The run is May 12 and it’s a 50 mile run called the Ice Age Trail 50-miler.”
Giebler’s initial thought with the fundraiser was to try to get 50 people to each sponsor one mile of the run at $50 with a goal of raising $2,500 for Olson. “We’ve actually had over 100 people and businesses from all over the area donate at least $50, so I am actually running a second 50-miler on June 28 called the Titletown Ultra in Green Bay and we’re now working on a third 50-miler,” he said.
Giebler hasn’t run a 50-mile race since 2015, but has completed 65 marathon or longer races over the last 14 years.
“The Olsons are family to us,” he said, stating the idea for the run came to him in a dream one night. “Kim is strong, she is faithful and disciplined in everything else, and it’s amazing to see what she has accomplished. “I can run, so I’ll keep running,” he added.
Giebler has trained by running 50 miles a week over the last six weeks to prepare for the runs. “I love running and I have a passion for natural approaches to health and wellness and Kim shares that approach. Working towards a goal provides motivation.”
The original goal of $2,500 has now reached $6,930 to date through word of mouth efforts for the Olson family, with Giebler stating as long as the donations keep coming in, he will continue to find 50-milers to participate in.
Olson said it was difficult at first for her and her husband to accept financial help. “No one wants to be the person featured on a benefit or fundraiser poster; it’s a lot easier to be the person in a position of being able to help the person on the poster. Also, we don’t view it as other people’s responsibility to pay for our medical bills. We chose to go the alternative route knowing full well it was going to be costly, and it’s our responsibility to cover those expenses. But God quickly taught us a lesson of humility in being able to put pride aside and graciously accept help from those who desired to help, and a lesson in not robbing those people of the blessing they receive from helping.”
“My family and I are simply stunned by the amazing number of people who have participated and we are grateful beyond what words can express for the generous support. God has blessed us beyond what we could ask or think, and He has been very clearly leading us and providing for us every step of the way,” she added.
“Any amount of money helps,” Giebler said. “It doesn’t have to be $50.” He said he is willing to share any information he can on the approach Olson is taking to beat her cancer as well as helping anyone with information on running and improving their health.
The Olsons say they have been brought to tears many times by the sacrificial gifts they have received. “We continue to shake our heads in amazement when more comes in. We can only praise God, because He is good all the time.”
“Kim is amazing; she is inspiring. She is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject; she is hard working. She is optimistic. She is part of the family. The office wouldn’t be what it is without her and I wouldn’t be who I am having not known her,” Giebler shared with tears in his eyes.
Giebler said he is excited to complete the first race on May 12 and is hopeful Kim will be able to meet him at the finish line.

Those interested in helping or donating can call Giebler’s office at (920) 894-2399 or search for Kim Olson’s Go Fund Me online account.