Bunko-themed cookies
Bunko-themed cookies

(Editor’s note: Joie Baldock wrote the following story about the Kiel area Bunko group to which she belongs and which is marking its 20th anniversary of monthly games and fun this year. Bunko is a game generally played with 12 or more players, divided into groups of four, trying to score points while taking turns rolling three dice. A Bunko is achieved when a person rolls three-of-a-kind and all three numbers match the round number.
Groups can put their own variations on the game, of course, and many spell the game as Bunco or Bonko. With a smiles and laughs, members of this Kiel group said they play it and spell it the right way.)

It all started when I overheard Daphne telling some of the Storyhour moms that her Bunko group had disbanded.
I told her that I often times subbed at my daughter’s Bunko in Illinois and that I was thinking about forming a group. So we decided to go for it and gathered up 10 Catholic School moms who were interested. On Jan. 28, 1999 we met at Daphne’s and began our Bunko journey. We made up the rules as we went along and you’d think after 20 years we’d have the rules down pat but not so much.
(Please see the June 6 issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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