Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) is strongly encouraging customers to stay safe by continuing to check and clear any snow or ice from natural gas meters and appliance vents around their homes.

According to the National Weather Service, 20 or more inches of snow have fallen this month across northeast and north central Wisconsin, resulting in WPS crews encountering several natural gas meters that have been buried or covered in snow. An accumulation of snow and/or ice has the potential to damage a natural gas meter’s piping or trap carbon monoxide indoors by blocking natural gas appliance vents. Large icicles also can cause damage to this equipment. When clearing away snow and ice, customers are reminded to use a broom or their hands. Kicking or hitting a meter or vent, as well as using a shovel, could damage the equipment. Additionally, keeping natural gas meters clear allows WPS to easily access or service them throughout the winter. More heating and winter weather safety tips can be found on the WPS website.

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