Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012...Ole Kassow is inspired by 97-year-old Thorkild.
Ole had been looking through pictures of Copenhagen in the 1930s during which time bicycles were the main form of transportation. Ole thought that Thorkild must miss cycling. He began thinking about ways to get people like Thorkild back on a bicycle. It was a thought that just wouldn’t go away, and then one day Ole showed up unannounced at a nursing home with a rickshaw and offered to take a resident for a ride.
A staff member brought out a resident and said, “We would love to go for a ride,” and so they went. The next day Ole received a phone call from the nursing home saying that now all the other residents want to go for a ride, and so began Cycling Without Age. It has grown into an international movement with specially designed rickshaws called “trishaws.” Only recently has the program come to the U.S. In 2015 Lutheran Homes in Oshkosh became one of the first U.S. cities to have the Cycling Without Age program.

(Please see the May 10 issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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