Residents will have two opportunities to test their emergency plans during statewide tornado drills on Thursday, April 11.

The drills are part of the annual Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week held April 8-12 to encourage everyone in Wisconsin to be ready for possible tornadoes and severe weather. Last year Wisconsin saw above-average tornado activity with 33 tornadoes around the state, including one near Kiel in Manitowoc County.
On April 11, test tornado warnings will be issued at 1:45 p.m. and again at 6:45 p.m. Manitowoc County will activate outdoor warning sirens at both of those times. When the sirens sound, individuals, families, schools, and businesses should practice moving to their designated shelter locations on the lowest level of their home or building in an interior room without windows.
Manitowoc County also will be hosting Storm Spotter Training on Thursday, April 18 at 6 p.m. in the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Manitowoc Campus Theater. The public is invited to attend.
As a reminder, outdoor warning sirens are only designed to warn people outdoors and may not be heard inside a home or wake a person during a tornado. Individuals, families, and businesses are encouraged to purchase a NOAA Weather Radio or use a phone app to get warnings indoors or be alerted during the night.
Sirens on East Hillcrest Road east of STH 42 and on Cherney Road south of Fisherville Road in northeast Manitowoc County will not be sounded for the drill as a courtesy to agricultural operations.

If actual severe storms are expected in the state on Thursday, April 11, the tornado drills will be postponed until Friday, April 12, with the same times. If severe storms are possible Friday, the drills will be cancelled.

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