Two Kiel developers were given the green light by the City of Kiel to purchase and develop a new residential subdivision between Rockville Road and the Sheboygan River.

At its October 22 meeting, the Kiel City Council gave its approval to an developers agreement with Nash Estates, LLC, owned by Peter Kraus and Brian Meyer, for the new subdivision to proceed.
Under the developer’s agreement, Nash Estates plans to develop seven single family homes abutting the Sheboygan River, and overlooking the walking/biking trail with an estimated value of at least $325,000 each.
Plans call for seven single unit condos with an estimated value of $280,000 each, and duplex condos (18 units) with an estimate of $250,000 per side.
The developer’s agreement requires a minimum development of at least two lots per year.

(Please see the October 31  issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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