City of New Holstein voters rejected a referendum in Tuesday’s election which would have allowed city government to exceed state-imposed tax levy restrictions by $100,000 per year for an unspecified number of years.
Voters cast 770 votes “no” and 552 votes “yes” to defeat the referendum question.
At a recent public forum, comments from citizens included the fact that many of them did not like the indefinite nature of the proposal versus exceeding the levy limit just one year at a time. City officials said they did not want to have to go through the referendum process every year.
A total of 1,423 people voted in the city of New Holstein on Tuesday. City voters favored incumbent Republican Governor Scott Walker over Democratic challenger Tony Evers by a margin of 867 to 528.
Republican candidates were the top vote-getters in each of the races on which city residents cast their votes, including a margin of 747-654 for challenger Leah Vukmir over incumbent U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin.