Maybe it was partly because of people going stir crazy with the pandemic shutdown, but the process of installing the fuel tanks at the new Kwik Trip in New Holstein last Wednesday became a spectator sport.

Dozens of people gathered to watch a crane pick the giant red tanks off a lineup of semi trucks which had pulled into the community early that morning. After a brief delay to get the crane operational, it began the process of lowering the tanks into the deep hole which had been dug along Milwaukee Drive (STH 32/57). About half a dozen tanks of the same size along with several smaller ones were placed in the hole. Workers then came along and filled in gravel in between the tanks. Later the fill assemblies were installed in each tank, and as of early this week the tanks are no longer visible and only black plastic protective sleeves can be seen above ground. Meanwhile, the foundation for the new building is in place and soon walls will be rising from that foundation. The existing Kwik Trip building—seen in the background of the photo —remains open and will continue to be open until the new building is completed later this year.

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