At the Chilton School District monthly board meeting, Superintendent Sue Kaphingst told board members that about 20 people attended the first community meeting held Sept. 30 to review concerns the district has with the football field and track conditions at Morrissey Park.
She said there was a lot of great discussion about possible options and solutions.
Kaphingst said the committee came up with a list of questions they would like answered before moving forward, including: What are the WIAA regulations as they relate to athletic facilities; what are some dollar amounts that districts have spent recently in renovating similar facilities; and what is the possibility of the city putting up a fence around the facility at Morrissey.
Kaphingst reminded board members of the four areas of concern previously identified by the co-curricular committee, including the condition of the playing surfaces, transportation to and from practices, possibility of inclement weather, and access to students after practices, noting that “Whatever the solution is, it has to address all four areas.” She said the next meeting is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 4 at 6 p.m.

(For more on this board meeting, please see the Oct. 31 issue of the Tri-County News.)