It looks like the “silly season” of Wisconsin’s upcoming gubernatorial election has begun.
The “silly season” is that period of time prior to a contested election in which candidates and/or their supporters pull out all the stops and start making claims which, frankly, can sometimes be pretty silly. It is happening right now in the Badger State.
In most years and in most states there would be plenty of big issues on which to focus in a gubernatorial election. The economy is usually number one, but Wisconsin is right up there with most other states in enjoying record high employment rates.
The condition of state government’s coffers could be a related issue in some states and in some years, but Wisconsin has been able to build a healthy surplus to the point where it recently returned $100 per child to families throughout the state.
Other issues which could be addressed include support for education, public safety, environmental issues, and others.
Unable to find much traction on any of these issues in Wisconsin right now, to what have opponents of Governor Scott Walker turned?
The answer is: potholes.
Actually, the anti-Walker camp has come up with a cute name for holes in the road—Scottholes. They are claiming Wisconsin has neglected its roadways under the Walker administration.
There are 50 states in this great nation and it is likely that people complain about the condition of their roads in, oh, about 50 of those states. Roads take a beating everywhere. It was less than three months ago that Wisconsin roads were under a foot of snow, then about six weeks later they were being baked in 90-degree heat. Potholes happen—they always have, and they always will.
Every state could spend more on roads, but the same could be said of education, public safety, parks, and any number of other concerns. There is only so much money to go around, and government officials are tasked to spread it around as best they can. Nobody is ever quite satisfied that their area of interest is getting as much as it should.
It is OK to keep lobbying for all these sectors. But when it comes to the 2018 Wisconsin governor’s race...Scottholes? Really?      

—Mark Sherry