The Kiel Municipal Band is asking for help in solving a picture mystery presented in a letter from Regina Fischer of New Mexico.

Regina sent the request earlier this year to the City of Kiel indicating the picture above was found in her mother’s home, located in Grafton, WI.

Her mother, Louise Roessler Malnick is pictured between the two officers on the right. Mrs. Fischer is seeking information about the occasion and the possible identity of the others pictured.

Art Pahr, a historian for the Kiel Municipal Band, shared the picture with the Tri-County News, in hopes that someone might recognize those in the photo.

Pahr said that Mrs. Fischer is assuming the four men to the left are police officers, but he questions that, since none of them have badges or sidearms. They wear the caps that were the style police officers wore, but the man on the right, in white has a different style cap.

Pahr believes these may be KMB members from the band’s earliest days—from 1928-1934. He also suggests the man in white is Jacob Zwickey, the first director of the KMB. “The only picture the KMB has of Zwickey shows him in a white outfit and the body build closeley resembles the man in the photograph. A penciled in date on the back of the photograph suggests it is dated from 1934.

If you have information regarding the photo, please contact the Kiel Municipal Band, or Delta Publications 920-894-2828.

(Please see the August 8 issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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