In response to community and business leader comments and the uncertain ability to enforce such general orders as interpreted by the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision Wisconsin Legislature vs. Palm, Calumet County is immediately rescinding its local Order #1 dated Thursday, May 14 that outlined specific conditions entities needed to follow.
This move allows businesses in Calumet County to reopen without risk of fines.
Health Officer Bonnie Kolbe is strongly urging people to continue observing the public health guidelines outlined in Order #1 as well as recommendations by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
For specific guidance for businesses, Calumet County is recommending the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Reopen Guidelines. “These are very detailed, industry specific recommendations that will be helpful to businesses looking to safely reopen,” said Todd Romenesko, Calumet County administrator.
Calumet County Corporation Counsel Kimberly Tenerelli said, “It is very difficult to have a local public health order without the ability to enforce it through statutes, based on the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision, Wisconsin Legislature v. Palm. There is still a pandemic out there. This ruling does not change that; however with this ruling and lack of guidance from the Legislature through its rulemaking process, public health officials are struggling to keep communities safe through local orders.”
With more time to review best practices as well as comments from the community and businesses, Public Health, the Sheriff’s Office, administration, and corporation counsel of Calumet County determined that they will withdraw the order.
“It is my hope that individuals and business take a responsible approach in addressing this pandemic that is still out there,” Kolbe said. “All need to continue to keep physical distancing, wash hands, stay home if sick, and take the threat of the virus seriously as we reopen our community.”