A special Kiel Area School District Board meeting was held May 7 to discuss concerns with the orchestra pit in the new Performing Arts Center currently under construction.

Construction of the orchestra pit began at the end of April and the Hoffman crew noticed water filling the hole. It was discovered that the water table is sitting at one foot over the orchestra pit floor and the soil is fairly soft and that there is a two-inch continuous stream of water. Several geothermal engineers and a structural engineer came out to survey the orchestra pit area and found that the water would need to be removed and that the soil would need stabilizing. Randy Olm expressed his dissatisfaction with this issue. He said, “Why were we not informed of the soil reports prior to this problem? We should have had this discussion five or six months ago. These issues were not properly addressed.”

(Please see the May 14 issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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