The Ebenezer United Church of Christ Blessing Box has been standing in front of the church for almost two years and has proven to be an asset to the local community.

Since the homemade structure was placed on Washington Street in September 2017, the box has continuously been replenished with non-perishable, non-expired items such as paper goods, canned vegetables, boxed dinners, diapers, and cereal. The EUCC Evangelism Committee designed this box to help fulfill short-term, basic needs for those people who do not always have access to them, and allowing those in need to pick up items anonymously. During the 2018-’19 school year, the EUCC Sunday School classes designated the Blessing Box as their mission, and during that time the kids consistently made sure the box had plenty of food and toiletry items. This box is open to anyone in the community anytime; and as the sign says, “Take a blessing when you need one; give a blessing when you can. Above all, be blessed!”

(Please see the July 11 issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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