Sometimes we talk about libraries as a third place. But what does that mean? 

A third place is a neutral social surrounding outside of home and work. It tends to be the heart of communities, a center point. Third places are our churches, our coffee house, our parks, and our library. As a library, we are striving to provide a place for all types of literacy, public gatherings, meeting, performances, art, and activities. The library wants to be a place where the community feels welcomed and wanted.

It is this desire that helped lead to the way our construction project has been planned. The library considered not just how our ceiling needed to be repaired, but how could we help improve the use of the library. With a changing use of the library, there are changing needs from the community. When the library was designed no one imagined that we would be carrying little computers in our pockets or be able to connect with people and information half a world away with a few clicks on a keyboard.

(Please see the October 03  issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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