It’s all about perspective.

Earlier this week I had a great talk at the office with Keith, who is on an amazing health journey. Through dedication, nutrition, a commitment to a sustainable exercise plan, and a loving wife who is sharing in the journey, he shared with me that he and his wife walked all the way around Kiwanis Park in New Holstein for the first time.

You see, Keith has lost over 80 pounds through this program and is seeing those accomplishments and rewards. Not long ago he was out of breath simply taking the garbage to the end of the driveway. He finally said, “enough!” and along with hish wife changed their diet and found proper motivation to invest in themselves. He’s also taking care of his muscles and joints with adjustments at our office and is feeling more mobility through that commitment too. It truly is inspiring and it was the highlight of my day! Congrats, Keith…and keep it up!

As I mentioned, it’s all about perspective. In June I had a leg bothering me—my left calf muscle to be precise—and I was unable to run!  While I was still able to bike, walk, play “GaGa Ball,” lift some weights...I couldn’t run.  Because of this (and life’s business in general) I wasn’t able to train properly and cancelled some running plans I had. I hoped to run the High Cliff Ultra 50k in August, and was really hoping to run the Marji Gesick 50 Miler this Saturday in the Upper Peninsula.  Unfortunately, I’m taking a DNS (Did Not Start) this weekend also...but I guess that’s better than a DNF (Did Not Finish)?

I often tell people at my office that “My patients need patience.” 

I don’t like having it myself, though.  I tried running on the bad leg a couple times and it simply seized up in less than a mile.  I didn’t have patience for this, and my inability to run left me irritable and kind of crabby. 

Thankfully I’m back to running. In fact, just last weekend I ran a nice long run on the Ice Age Trail and was treated to a beautiful full moon when I started at 5 a.m. and watched a beautiful sunrise as I finished. It’s all about perspective.

And that’s the key. Think about where you are right now, and where you want to be. Then take care of the things you can take care of today. You can’t lose 80 pounds, or get back to running for a couple hours, all in one day or a single week. But you can take a couple steps in the right direction with the present moment. So seize it!