To the editor:
Way back in the Dec. 1, 2016 newspaper, Mike Mathes commented in his ‘Through the Viewfinder” column about opinions and letters to the editor.
He stated, “In the coming weeks we plan to review our policies on letters to the editor, hopefully finding improved ways to facilitate the respectful sharing of opinions on these pages.” After reading this, I thought before I would share some thoughts and feelings I would wait for these reviewed policies to be published. For the last three months, I have watched for any new policy, but seeing none, I called Mike and asked to sit down and discuss this with him. I have always enjoyed sharing information and opinions via letters to the editor. I felt that I had always followed the published Tri-County News policy as printed each week on the editorial page. I wanted to confirm with Mike that his comments about opinions and armpits were not directed at any of my prior letters and wanted to confirm with him that, if at any time, he finds anything objectionable with anything I write, that he calls and discusses it with me before he either publishes, changes or deletes it. Mike advised he has had no issue with anything I have submitted in the past.
This being said, I wanted to write a letter to share some inter-twined thoughts and comments. Anytime I share thoughts, I try to be factual but never intend to be politically correct.

(Please see the March 9  issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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