People afraid of snakes will not want to hear this, but Kiel police on Tuesday afternoon (June 4) said a six- to eight-foot boa constrictor is missing from Kiel High School.
School officials believe the snake is probably still in the building, but it is possible that the snake made it outside of the school, Police Chief Dave Funkhouser said.
"Although the snake is not venomous, it can still bite, so if you see the snake please do not try to catch it," he said. "Instead, please call our Police Department and we will contact school officials who will respond and safely recover the snake."
In an update to this story, Funkhouser said school staff notified the police liaison officer on Tuesday afternoon that the snake has been missing from the classroom since last Thursday. They believe it might be hiding in the school's ventilation system, but it is also possible the snake made it outside via a hole in a screen window so they wanted to notify the public as a precautionary measure.