New Holstein High School is fortunate to have seven foreign exchange students on campus for the 2016-’17 school year.
They have been placed at NHHS with help from three different study abroad programs that bring students to the U.S. to promote international understanding of other languages and cultures.
Ana Pires from Brazil, Johanna Gehrig from Spain, and Patrick Bellsolà from Andorra are here with Nacel Open Door; Ivan Stepanovic from Serbia and Matèj Turner from the Czech Republic are here through International Student Exchange; and Khakai Kuntapornsiri from Thailand and Inseo Song from South Korea are here on behalf of the Council on International Educational Exchange.

Ana Pires
Ana Carolina Brito Pires, 17, is from São Paulo, and her family back home includes her parents, Luciene Brito and Carlos Pires, and siblings Matheus and Carla. She is being hosted by Lori and Frank Anderson and their daughter, Ariana. Her favorite classes in school have been Painting with Mrs. Roepke and Consumer Foods. A couple of her favorite new experiences have included being on the cross country team last fall, and her first encounter with snow. Having played soccer back home, she is looking forward to playing soccer here in the spring. Some things from home she would like to share with her classmates here include “the food, songs, beaches, and our people, our energy.”
Johanna Gehrig
Johanna Gehrig, 15, is from Barcelona, and her family there includes her parents, Uwe Gehrig and Maria Sansalvadó, and her siblings, Paula, Júlia and Bruna. She is being hosted by Brian and Wendy Scheer along with their kids, Blake and Abby. So far, her favorite classes have been math, taught by Mrs. Avina, as well as gym, and she played center on the volleyball team last fall. In addition to the new school and people here, Johanna noted the snow and cold as one of her favorite new experiences in the U.S. A few things from back home she wishes she could share with her classmates are “the traditions, the weather and activities we do in our free time, and the people.”

Patrick Subirova
Patrick Bellsolà Subirova, 17, is from La Massana, and his parents are Andreu Bellsolà and Silvia Subirova, and he has a brother, Albert, and a sister, Júlia. Patrick’s host family includes parents Douglas and Angela Kestell and siblings Oren, Aubrey and Isabella. Patrick’s favorite courses so far have been Drawing and Painting, and he’s a member of the Art Club. He also liked Mrs. Avina’s math class. Back home Patrick enjoys skiing and he plans to play soccer here in the spring. His favorite new experience in the U.S. has been attending high school, and he feels the people here are friendly and it has been easy to make friends. He hopes to keep his grades up while he’s here and have time to make a trip down to Chicago before he returns to Andorra.

Ivan Stepanovic
Ivan Stepanovic, 18, is from Belgrade, and his parents are Zarko and Ljiljana, and he has a sister, Lena. His host parents are Sue and Timothy Roepke, and his siblings are Colton, Carter and Carolyne. Ivan is involved with the National Art Honor Society as well as Art Club, and he ran cross country last fall. Ivan’s other sports endeavors back home include soccer, tennis, underwater hockey and cricket. A couple of his favorite new experiences here have been cheese curds and the lounger seats at the movies. Something from back home he wishes he could share with his fellow students here is “the beauty of the Serbian language.”

Matèj Turner
Matèj Turner, 18, is from the village of Mýto, and his family there includes his parents, Martin Turner and Olga Turnerová, and his sister, Adéla. Here he is being hosted by Tracy and Joseph Heinbuch. Matèj plays cello and snare drum in band and a couple of his favorite classes have been Business with Mr. Neu and Basic Drafting with Mr. Wagner. He ran cross country in the fall and has also been involved with FFA, National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society and the Be the Change Club. Some of Matèj’s favorite new experiences have included attending American high school, visiting New York and Chicago, and eating cheese curds. He also wishes he could share some European food, customs and history (architecture) from back home with his classmates here. He plans to attend college after he finishes high school in the Czech Republic.
Khakai Kuntapornsiri
Khakai Kuntapornsiri, 16, is from Bangkok, and her parents are Prajuab and Wipa, and she has one sibling, Tunyaporn. She is being hosted by Tamara and Tim Upshaw and she has fellow exchange student Inseo as her sister. Her favorite subjects in school have been geometry and English, and she has also liked chemistry with Mr. Augustine. Khakai joined the Art Club and one of her favorite new experiences here so far has been Spirit Week during Homecoming. Some of the things from home she wishes she could share with her fellow classmates here include the classes and activities. She hopes she gets a chance to visit New York again before she returns home to Thailand.

Inseo Song
Inseo Song, 16, is from Seoul, and her parents are Kyung Joo Song and Mi Sun Shin, and she has an older brother named Tnhyuk Song. Her host parents are Tamara and Tim Upshaw, and her sister is Khakai. She has enjoyed her choir class with Mrs. Thuecks where she sings alto, as well as her Drawing class with Mrs. Roepke. The last good movie Inseo saw that she would recommend was “Fantastic Beasts.” She has enjoyed attending American high school and would like to visit Times Square in New York before she returns to South Korea.
Lorena Sabish-Aull, a senior from New Holstein, is spending the school year in Caceres, Spain.