Kiel Middle School students presented “The Ransom of Miss Elverna Dower” at the Castle Theater in Kiel High School to appreciative crowds.

This is the first middle school play production by middle school students in many years.
The shows were made possible by middle school teachers Jennifer Garty and Kari Migacz who wrote and then received a grant from the Kiel Education Endowment Fund.

Two performances were held over the weekend and the hard work put in by students and staff was evident. Laughter often filled the auditorium as the students skillfully delivered their lines.
Students were able to be involved in the production in various ways including cast, stage crew, hair and make up, scene creation, student directors, and volunteers for the presentations.
The play was directed by teachers Garty and Migacz with assistance of students directors Andrea Henschel and Heidi Koeser.
High School student mentors Kassidy Mooren and Clarissa Henschel also assisted during the preparation and presentation of the play.
Cast members were Hannah Bolden, Chelsea Braun, Kylie Meister, Lauren Reszczynski, Morgen Garlieb, Luke Milski, Julie Hautlaub, Danielle Goelzer, Cailee Kravick, Chloe Thao, Owen Korb, Megan Thiry, Hailey Schnell, AJa Hill, Rhonda Otto, Mykayla Bell, Regan VanDerWeele, and Kylie Meister.
Stage crew members for the production included Brenna Koppenhaver, Jenna Sabel, Regan VanDerWeele, August Curry, Kenzie Koppenhaver and Mykayla Bell.
Kiel Middle School student council members sponsored a bake sale during the shows and assisted with make up, costumes, and ushering duties.