To the editor:
As I pen this article, I keep in mind that this newspaper does not print anything for, or opposing a candidate, if there is not sufficient time for a rebuttal. Consequently, I have to stick to the basic facts and supposition to convey my message.
It has been sometime now since you readers have read an article written by me, and I apologize to those of my fan club. Being chairman of my recent class reunion committee and some out of state church functions, my time allotment was quite limited. However, after numerous recent promptings, I feel compelled to at least make a showing again.
You may not all share my concerns, but I base my voting in this upcoming election on a few simple issues.
 Number one is the government sponsored killing of our unborn children. Anyone claiming to be a Christian can only take one side on this issue.

(Please see the Nov. 3 issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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